Physical fitness before and after weight restoration in anorexia nervosa.

J Sports Med Phys Fitness. 2013 Aug;53(4):396-402.



The aims of this paper were: 1) to evaluate the feasibility of test for evaluating physical fitness (PF) in patients with anorexia nervosa (AN); 2) to investigate the effects of nutritional rehabilitation in this population of patients; and 3) to compare their level of fitness scores (at baseline and after weight restoration) with an age-matched healthy control group.


PF was assessed with an adapted version of the Eurofit Physical Fitness Test Battery (EPFTB) administered to 37 consecutive female AN patients, at baseline and after weight restoration, and to 57 healthy age-matched females.


The inpatient treatment, based on cognitive behavior therapy, was associated with a significant improvement in BMI (from 14.5±1.5 to 18.8±1.1, P<0.001) and in 5 out of 6 EPFTB tests (P<0.05) in the AN group. However, both in pre and post, AN patients showed significant lower EPFTB than the control group (all P<0.001) with the exception of the Sit-Up score.


Results indicated that PF is lower in AN patients than in controls both at baseline and after weight restoration. Future studies should evaluate if the inclusion of an individualized health