Italian Journal of Eating Disorders and Obesity



Them IJED (Italian Journal of Eating Disorders and Obesity) is the official organ of the dell’Associazione Italiana Disturbi dell’Alimentazione e del Peso (AIDAP), a scientific medical society included by the Italian Ministry of Health among scientific societies and technical-scientific associations of the health professions.
The journal publishes Italian and English peer-reviewed articles (with an abstract also in English) in the area of psychology, psychiatry, public health, nutrition, dietetics and medicine. The journal is published only online adopting a gratis open access policy with no publication fees paid by authors.
Its mission is to advance the knowledge needed to understand, treat and prevent eating disorders (anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge-eating disorder and other eating disorders) and obesity and for this reason it rigorously evaluates the contributions of national and international experts and clinicians.
The articles included in the journal describe research on theory, methodology, etiology, clinical practice and health policies related to eating disorders and obesity. Scientific contributions that have a clinical implication are privileged.