Intensive Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Eating Disorders

Nova Publisher: New York, USA, 2012

Author: Riccardo Dalle Grave (Villa Garda Hospital – Garda -Vr – Italy)

Intensive CBT-E


Book Description

The book describes a novel model of intensive treatment for eating disorders, one that is entirely cognitive behavioural in orientation. In this book the treatment program will be described in detail, and with numerous clinical vignettes. The book explains how to adapt the CBT-E for an intensive “real world” settings (intensive outpatient therapy, inpatient treatment) and for severe eating disorder patients. It also explains how a multidisciplinary team can apply a single psychotherapeutic treatment. Readers will gain knowledge on the use of a “manualized” treatment in a real world intensive setting. The book is suitable for all professionals working with eating disorders (e.g. psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, dietitians, and educators), and particularly for those working in a multidisciplinary team at an intensive level of care. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. An Introduction to Intensive CBT-E

Chapter 2. Assessing and Preparing Patients for Intensive CBT-E

Chapter 3. Overview of the CBT-E Unit

Chapter 4. Stages of Treatment

Chapter 5. The Personal Formulation and Starting Self-Monitoring

Chapter 6. Individual and Group CBT-E Sessions

Chapter 7. Addressing Underweight and Dietary Restriction

Chapter 8. Addressing Dietary Restraint

Chapter 9. Addressing Excessive Exercising, Purging, and Binge Eating

Chapter 10. Addressing Events and Mood Changes

Chapter 11. Addressing the Overvaluation of Shape, Weight, and Eating Control

Chapter 12. Addressing Co-Existing Problems

Chapter 13. Preparing Patients for Life at Home

Chapter 14. Adolescents and Inpatient CBT-E

Chapter 15. Common Problems Implementing Inpatient CBT-E

Chapter 16. Intensive Outpatient CBT-E

Appendix A. Inpatient Treatment For Eating Disorders: Information for Patients

Appendix B. Eating Problem Check List

Appendix C. Starvation Symptoms Check List